Mar 3, 2013

Put a Doily On It!

I love doilies. They are feminine and sweet. I love all the work and detail put into them. And they are so easy to find(and cheap)! Thrift stores, garage sales.. or your grandma;)  They are real treasures, but they can be more than just throwing them in odd places or under items.
Over the years I've found myself sticking them everywhere. Here are a few ideas on how I use them in my home.

To snazz up a simple mousepad I just stuck on a doily. You can sew it or modpodge it, but I just placed it on there and it doesn't wiggle around. Super easy!
How about some instant art? I modpodged these paper doilies to a blank canvas and voila!
Dress up a naked window with a doily garland! I picked up a bag of these little beauties for a buck at the thrift store. I just sewed them all together and hung them up!
To make my little girls bed more girly I just sewed one onto a throw pillow. 10 minutes to happier pillowcases:)
It really doesn't take much time or money for that matter to dress up your home.  These little handmade treasures make everything happy!
Now go and put a doily on it! ;)

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