Mar 2, 2013

Around These Parts

It's been an emotional rollercoaster here lately. I've been really happy with how my daughter is rolling along in homeschool. Yet the winter blues have been trying to pull me down. I feel like bits and pieces of home are coming together. But I just found out we are not moving back to Texas and staying in Utah.
I've been anticipating this move for over a year now and so has our family back home. It's been extremely hard accepting our new path, but I constantly try to remind myself it's for a reason.  The military has blessed us in many ways and I'm very grateful. I suppose it was the whole idea of finally planting some roots somewhere, but over the years I've learned that home is wherever you make home.  Things could be a whole lot worse for us and when I'm struggling accepting where we are it reminds me to keep counting my blessings.
Here's a few pics from my instagram feed around these parts.


1. my dollies heading out to play//2. new embroidery I made for my love for pyrex// 3. family time// 4.thrifting treasures// 5.dress refashion// 6.handmade dollies for my dollies// 7. "Home is Where the Heart Is"

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  1. I hope you and your family are doing well there in Utah. I'm pretty sure you guys will make your way back here to Texas before you know it. My cousin lived in several states too when her husband was in teh military and now she's been back in Texas for many years. Keep your chin up. :)


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