Aug 27, 2012

Hello Dolly!

It seems as if I'm always changing around my daughters' room. Its just so small and they share the space so I always want it to be functional and cute. I moved this shelf organizer and repurposed it AGAIN to hold some of my dollies' clothes. I've been on the look out for a cute mid century dresser for their jammies and pants, but haven't had any luck. So this is where the shelf and new art comes in:)
 I had thrifted an adorable vintage ABC golden book, but my naughty 2 year old ripped some of the pages. I was crushed! I decided to salvage some of my favorite letter pages by framing them. Along with the framed pages and embroidered ABC art, I pinned some vintage dresses that they outgrew on the wall .
I've seen these wire yarn letters all over pinterest and there is an awesome tutorial here. I chose the words "Hello Dolly" because I'm always calling my daughters dollies if you've noticed in previous posts. Even friends and family know I refer to them as my dolls:)
I opted for thick jewelry wire from Walmart instead of the reinforced clothesline that the tutorial suggested. Only because I noticed they were a buck while I was out getting milk. The yarn I had on hand.
Pretty easy. Just shape the letters and wrap the yarn around. Making the words were fast it was the wrapping part that took awhile.
I loved the way it came out:)

Fun little craft. I recommend trying it. The word phrases are endless.
Thanks for checking out a little nook of my dollies' room;o)



  1. Awww that's adorable!!! What a great idea, and so many possibilities!!! Thanks so much for sharing this and for the inspiration!!!

    1. thanks for the sweet words and for droppin by:)

  2. That is so cute! I've been considering creating some similar letters and I think you just gave me the inspiration to do it! ]

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind comment!


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