Jan 26, 2011

Vintage Red Apron

After cleaning and organizing my sad, little kitchen a while back I realized that I don't own a decent apron. I have like 2 aprons my mom gave me, but they are torn and only cover my lap and aren't really practical I usually just let my little one wear it when we bake.
Anywhoo so I decided to just make one myself. Of course I wanted it to be red since I explained in this post to match.  I scored like 2 yards of this cute vintage fabric at Savers for just $1.99! Yep it sooo came home with me!

close up of fabric

I kinda just winged it as I went along:

-I cut a square for my chest
-cut a rectangle for my lap
-cut to long straps( one for neck, one for waist ties)
-cut a little square for a pocket
-hemmed all pieces separately
-assembled to my liking

sorry the pix are so fuzzy, my camera needs batteries so i had to use my hubbys camera phone

That was it! I love the print so much! Why do cute aprons make you happy? I don't mind cooking anymore...well not as much;)


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  1. I love this, great job, and the red fabric is perfect:)

  2. so cool girl! you knwo i love an apron;) PS: i so wanted to email you back on your comment to me but i couldn't find your address:( anyway, yeah, every mom has crazy days for sure (understatement!)AND: nope, we live in CA not Utah. sandal season comes way sooner over here!

  3. Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy! Great job on "winging" this apron!

  4. Cute aprons are the best! I have some of my great-grandma's vintage ones and I love them to pieces!

  5. You are adorable :) I'm stopping by from the blog critique hop and wanted to say I am really enjoying your blog so far...love the contect...totally my kind of girl!

    love your fonts, your little comment notebook, etc etc...

    If I would critique anything, maybe the random buttons could be grouped on the sidebar and it would be great if you had even more pink "pages" above the break to direct uis to more of your great content!

  6. So cute I love the bright color of the apron! I wanted to let you know that I am featuring this party link on Polly Want a Crafter tomorrow @ 7:00 am cst. Hope you get some new readers!


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