Sep 30, 2012

How was your weekend?

This weekend was quite fulfilled.
I haven't seen my husband in about two months. I few quick "goodmornings" or "see you laters".
That's military life.
I hate complaining its just he was gone for half a year for deployment then due to some military cuts and downsizing my husband hasn't really had a break since he's been back. This is our last year in the military and it sure has been the hardest.
As soon as he was granted his 3 day weekend he made sure to soak up as much of us as he could. This included pumpkin picking, hayrides, farmers market shopping, and some thrifting.
Found some pyrex mugs to add to my collection.
I've been saving my pennies for a gorgeous Kitchen Aid mixer, but when I saw this my heart nearly melt.
I had a wonderful weekend and appreciated every second with my little family. All those crappy months I had being alone practically floated away when I soak in moments like these.
dress: vintage thrifted, belt: vintage thrifted, bag: vintage thrifted, sunnies: target
How was your weekend?

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