Sep 23, 2012

Halloween Pictures Display

I would have to say that out of all holidays Halloween is our favorite in our home. 
We get to decorate, dress up as someone else, and end the night in a candy coma:)

Believe it or not my husband went on his first trick or treating when he was 18!
When he told me he had never been you better believe I dragged his butt out there!
And yes we were the oldest ones.  ;o)
We already started to decorate the inside of our house with Halloween decor and I thought it would be a cute idea to display our past Halloween pictures. I played with a few options like hanging them on a wide ribbon like x-mas cards display or just putting them in a collage frame, but being the cheapo I am I decided to try to figure out what I could use on hand.

This is what I came up with:

supplies used:
vintage frame free from an estate sale and wrapping paper from the $ section at Target
I did this project when my dollies fell asleep which didn't take too long.
  • Just mod podged the gift wrap to the frame.
  • Glued a flower felt embellishment I bought for $3 at Hobby Lobby..don't remember what I was saving it for.
  • Hot glued twine in the back to hold the photos.
  • To jazz up the clothes pins I added a little washi tape.

I think it looks cute with my other frugal Halloween decor.

Just cut out leaf shapes from felt and sewed them into a garland.
Taped some bat silhouettes over my vintage plate wall. (bat silhouettes from Dollar Tree)


I thrifted that pot lid holder awhile back and since it doesn't fit under my cabinet for its intended purpose I thought to hang it on the wall to hold my vintage postcards and magazines, but for the holidays I decided to stick past Halloween cards in it to display.

That's its! All that's missing are some pumpkins to stick on top, but I'm waiting to take my dolls to the pumpkin patch.
Hope you enjoyed looking at a little piece of my indoor Halloween decor:)


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