Oct 1, 2012

Thrifting Goodies

Today was such a good day for thrifting.
While everyone was enjoying there last day off my husband of course had to go into work :/
He suggested I go and thrift to distract myself since he wasn't going to be home.
Yep he's a keeper!
Anywhoo my little dolly was so well behaved!
I'm crossing my fingers that she's officially out of the wiggly, climbing out of the cart, whining for a snack, and crying for a toy phase.
I don't know about you, but when my kids behave at stores I'm able to find a lot more treasures without the added distractions:)
So thank you little dolly for these beauties I brought home today!
Embroidered wall art, vintage sugar tins, vintage thermoses, and some vintage books.

Those vintage thermoses came just in time for this cooler weather we've been having.
Mmmm...I can already smell the hot chocolate:)

One of the books I picked up is titled, "What to Do When There's Nothing to Do". Written in 1967 by The Boston Children's Medical Center is a very informative book about activities to do at home to stay busy with your kiddos.
I know this will come in handy for winter break!

Next is this adorable book written in 1950 by Lillian Morrison. She collected hundreds autograph albums from friends, family, school mates, and people from different schools in New York.  Chapters include: Roses are red, When you get married, Best Wishes, Forget Me Nots, and so forth.
Its a sentimental yet funny conversation book that I can't wait to put on my coffee table.
Well, once I get a coffee table:)

A couple of the autographs that made me giggle:

My little shopping trip was definitely a nice distraction...buuuut I would still rather have my little stinker of a husband home:o)

Thanks for visiting and checking out some of my treasures!



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