Aug 15, 2012

Whats in my makeup bag??

Every time I see these types of articles in magazines or blogs I always think they're fun! I think it's so interesting to see what products people use and love. I also think it's helpful to know what is amazing and works so you can try something new.

 My whole makeup routine takes about 15 minutes depending on where I'm going.
So here you go! This is what I use when I'm going to go out to run errands or just want to look pretty:)

Hmm..where to start?

*I suppose the first thing I put on is  Sheer Cover Base Perfecter. I was curious and purchased their $5 celebration sampler kit on tv because I remember using their concealer in high school and I was in love with it. Well I'm not so in love with it anymore, but OH MY GOODNESS the primer that came with it feels like pure silk! Makes everything else that I layer on top of it look flawless! I'm saving my pennies to buy the big one:)

*Next I dab on Kat Von D tattoo concealer. I've inherited severely bad dark circles under my eyes which make me self conscience so I figured if this was meant to conceal a tattoo they my dark circles should be no prob.  As you can tell from the almost empty bottle I like it:)

*On to the brows! My sad little brows seem to be non existent. No I don't have thin pencil brows they are just reeeallly reeaally light! I've used Elf's Eyebrow kit for about 4 years now and it really does the job without me looking like a chola;) Just nice and filled in.

*Next my LASHES! Ok this is a long one. Ever since I started putting makeup on my biggest problem were my baby baby lashes. They are short. They are straight. They are very very light. Yep the three worst things. I've tried everything in the past...false lash strips, individuals, tinting, perming, and expensive lash extensions. Since I'm a SAHM I can't afford the extensions and all the others.
BUT when my husband came back from deployment he did treat me to Too Faced Better than False Lashes mascara! To wrap this up it is UH-MAZING! One day I will post a before and after to prove this!

* Next is Sonia Kashuk blush from target. I would say it is equivalent to a high end department store blush. A little goes along way and with this brush makes it perfect!

* Next to even it all out I dust on Bare Minerals Mineral veil in Illuminating. Evens my skin out and looks so pretty in the sunlight.

* Lastly I apply Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment. I've tried a thousand lip balms, but the texture, smell, tint is GORGEOUS. Looks so natural like your lips are just bitten. I'm so in love! Not to mention it was a birthday gift from Sephora when you sign up to receive beauty rewards. When I run out of this baby(which will probably be soon) I'm so buying a new one!

* Now when I'm going on a date night or somewhere fancy I use Cargo's Metallico Eyes to make my eyes pop and dazzle. I've received hundreds of comments when I wear this. But be very careful not to drop it. The sales woman said the pallet is very delicate. Beautiful dewy sparkle(not cheesy glitter) just gorgeous. It was a Christmas gift to myself..hehe...and worth every penny. I'm makin this bad boy last!

Here's a close up of everything opened.
That's a wrap! Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my beauty routine.
Oh and if you are wondering where I got my makeup bag it was my grandmothers. A lot of sentimental value, plus the red floral design makes me so happy:)

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  1. Wow...the eye pallet looks to die for!!! I agree we mommies must indulge in pretty things like this.
    I'm enjoying reading your blog :)

    1. Girl this eyeshadow UH-MAZING! thanks for your sweet words:)


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