Aug 23, 2012

Crazy for Polka Dots!

I have to admit I have a wee bit obsession with navy and white polka dots! Over the years I've thrifted this classic print which always seems to pull me in and I can't resist! 
Here's the proof that I have an addiction:
Well it happened again! I was was at the thrift store here on base and I caved in ...but it needed a little refashioning love.
The sleeves I tell ya! The sleeves!

So I just hacked those babies off and made new hems:)
that was it! ahh..much better:)
Can't wait for fall to roll around so I can pair my new top with a cute cardi:)
Great now a want to go thrifting after looking at all my polka dot tops..hehe.
What's your thrifting addiction?

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  1. Very cute shirt, my addiction is lamps!...can't have too many but I might donate some I'm not using!


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