Dec 18, 2012

around these parts.

I had some DIYs planned and silly little posts written up that I had to finish, but just haven't really been in the mood to post. I suppose I'm still in a bit of mourning of what happened in recent events. I'm trying so hard to snap out of it for my daughters because they don't know what's going on and I'm trying to appreciate every second I get with them. So if you don't see too many posts here it's due to just slowing down and spending time with my loved ones:)
I always like having pictures on my posts so here are a few pics from my Instagram feed...

 1.big dollys lunch with new cutter/2.admiring my new buttons/3.fuzzy sock love/4.last weeks thrifted finds/5. classic chocolate advent.

thanks for stopping by.



  1. I'm sort of "not in the mood", too. It's amazing- these things give such perspective. Thank goodness for scheduled posts, because no one knows how little I've wanted to "participate" in normalcy this week.

  2. I completely understand not being in the mood to post...I feel like that semi often, haha. These are some really lovely photos though.


  3. Sweet photos of sweet moments...take your time posting, mama...merry christmas!


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