Nov 5, 2012

So In Love....

This truly makes my heart smile.

As I mentioned in my previous post I attended the first annual Utah Latina Bloggers Conference. Well IKEA sponsored the event along with some goodie bag prizes and this beauty above.
I remember receiving my IKEA catalog this past summer and when I spotted this kitchen cart I just fell in love! The shelving, the metal, the gorgeous teal/turquoise hue, and it was on wheels! It looked vintage and it had a purpose! I still can't believe I got the honor to bring it home:)
You better believe as soon as I got home I took off the bow and put all my vintage pyrex and mixing bowls on it.
And yes I use all those bowls;)
My pyrex were scattered all over my kitchen. I think they are too pretty to hide in a cabinet so I love this cart for displaying and holding them all! I stuck an "s" hook to the top to hang my vintage handmade apron. It makes my kitchen look 10x better. It just meshes well with my decor. It's so pretty I kinda want to rotate it to different rooms to spread the beauty..hehe. in love..
thanks for visiting and letting me share my jem with you!


  1. So pretty! I adore everything, anything Ikea. And this cart looks just so useful, too. Bonus!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I could live in Ikea;) I love it!

  2. I can see why you're in love! This is fab! Iam in love too! :)
    hugs x

  3. I love it along with the vintage dishes! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Me encanta Georgette you did an amazing job and I'm really loving the vintage!

  5. Love your blog!;) -mariah


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