Nov 9, 2012

Candle Warmers Etc...Giveaway!!

Living in Utah I instantly fell in love with the new flameless candles.
I mean if you're a Utahn you have to right? ;)
They're safe and a healthy alternative to traditional burning candles.
With having kids in the house I never burn candles and now with the new popular flameless burning sensation my house doesn't smell like dog and feet anymore..hehe.
I couldn't really afford the Scentsy at first, so I bought one of those Better Homes and Gardens ones from walmart and it did the job, but I wasn't too fond of the scents. When another military wife had an online Scentsy party I kind of fell in love with their candle brick bars. So yummy and they sell the wall plug in warmers which I love for the smaller rooms like the restrooms.
So I must say Scentsy Bars & wall plug ins yes!
Better Homes & Gardens warmer yes!
But why can't I find both with a good price range?
Well I had the privilege to try and take home a Candle Warmers Etc Fragrance Warmer (In Desert Flora) from the Utah Latinas Conference! Aaaand it came with a Jamie Clair Cranberry Spice brick bar.
They claim they are the "Original" alternative to lighting a candle;)
This couldn't have come at a better time with the holidays already here to make my home smell extra cozy.
You see the bulb glow through the leave cut outs? It looks sooo pretty and the ones I already have glow just around the top not the actual design so I thought that was cool.
After maybe 10 minutes of flipping the switch my WHOLE house had a nice spicy cranberry smell.
My husband was playing outside with the dogs and he said that the scent went through the vents to the backyard and it smelled yummy out there too!
What I thought was even more amazing is that you can burn oil in it along with the candle bricks. I have a few Bath & Body Home oils that I've been wanting to use.
Candle Warmers Etc. even sells the wall plug in warmers that I love so much!
Along with these really neat lantern warmers that I've never seen before. 
The wall plug in and traditional warmers retail between $12.95 - $19.95 which are in the walmart range so I'm loving that price tag for the nice quality of these warmers! As I flipped the box over to get more information I notice they have a ONE YEAR warranty which is pretty neat and there contact info is from Layton, Utah.
Layton, Utah!
Sorry for all the exclamations, but this small town is literally right off base where I am up in the mountains. I just thought it was really neat that this amazing company is so local to where I live.
Well guess what honey bunches?
I have one..
Along with a brick of hand-poured Jamie Clair Cranberry Spice wax melts!
How awesome is that? Just in time for family gatherings or you could save it and give it to a loved one for Christmas.
Here's how you can enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm so excited for you guys to enter!
Good Luck:)


  1. Im really loving the warmer you got! I dont really like any that ive seen in stores.. thats probably why I have yet to try the wax melts and what not.
    I also like the cream emboss Ceramic Candle Warmer & Dish

  2. You know I love your blog i haveta try their wax melts...cant wait to order some tonight.

  3. I didn't even realize you were from Utah!! I live in SLC! how neat(: Anyway I LOVE the candle warmer you got, especially how the light shows through the design. So cool! I need on of these in my life.


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