Aug 27, 2012

Estate Sale Heaven!

Ok first off...
Ok had to get that off my chest first..pheww!
This past weekend I was bored and browsed my local online classifieds and the words Free estate sale items caught my eye. Without even thinking I told my hubby," I'll be back, free vintage stuff!" He totally understood.
I never just get up and leave it was so weird. It was as if something was calling me.
As I drove up the guy on the lawn said everything free and just want it all off my yard. My hands literally started to shake! His yard was covered with vintage clothes, jackets, books, and housewares. It was the aftermath of a weekend of trying to sell the stuff so it was the "leftovers", but in my eyes everything was treasure. I'm pretty sure my eyes were bugged out!
These are just some the favorites that stand out and pictures I took before my camera died:/
These adorable tops were the first batch I washed and that don't really need any refashioning. Vintage floral, plaid, and peter pan collars galore! Went straight to my closet:)
Next, these adorable granny chic bags caught my eye.
When I got home, upon further inspection of the bags I came across these tags! A REAL vintage COACH! I swear it was like icing on the cake:)

Next were the adorable vintage house coats. Still with the tags! I can't wait to refashion these into cute dresses.

More printed cotton tops, but I need to take them in a bit to fit me:)

I snagged some adorable flannel plaid and corduroy. Perfect for this winter. Can't wait to wear em'!

I had to dig for these killer dresses!
amazing..just amazing..
I was able to find a little bit of vintage quilts, blankets, and kitchen linens.

My husband loves to collect vintage cameras and I just so happen to stumble upon this beauty.

What isn't pictured are some old frames, wooden hangers, mason jars, scarves, belts, vintage children books, and misc. sewing supplies.
I mean TOTAL jackpot.
My car was packed. I had a huge smile on my face. The owners were thrilled that I got it off their yard and that I had so much respect and appreciation for their mothers belongings. Even though it was free I felt I needed to give a little something for it all. I gave them everything I had in my wallet. It wasn't much, but they appreciated it.
It was seriously a dream and came at the best moment in time. I was feeling a little glum lately since I'm a stay at home mama I can't really afford all the gorgeous vintage jewels I find online. I always drool and wish to have a vintage collection like these beautiful ladies.
I feel like it was a once in a lifetime thing for me and I soaked in every single second.
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  1. I too love Estate sales and Im amazed at all your awesome finds! I hope I get as lucky on my next one! Great post!

    1. Thanks doll! It was pretty awesome:) thanks for visiting!!

  2. Wow that is fascinating! I so love your vintage coach!



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