Jul 31, 2012

Best Birthday Gift:)

you see this little box?
isn't it cute?

lets open it shall we?

how pretty is that red velvet lining?

gah! so in love. kinda reminds me of ruby red theater chairs or carpet.
I've been searching thrift stores galore for a vintage one but haven't really had any luck. And for the prices I've seen on etsy and ebay I though why not buy a new one?(I'm still going to search for my vintage one while thrifting though.)

My husband knew how much I had been wanting one so this was my gift. From my previous post  you know how much music means to me. I have a little growing vinyl collection already.

One of my favs at the moment is this record I found at an estate sale:

If you've seen this movie you know how amazing this woman's voice is!

For the moment I don't have a place for my little record player so I've converted my curbside organizer into a stand for it.

Its been working for the moment until I find a cute side table or something.

Just wanted to share my birthday gift.
If you would like one I know they sell them here.

thanks for stopping by:)


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  1. Ooh! It is gorgeous! What a beautiful gift! Props to your hubby! :)

    Happy Day!


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