Jul 30, 2012

Can't go a day without Music!

OK well I probably could, but it's what gets me going through the day.
Cleaning, cooking, playing with my girls, during dinner, pretty much everything!

My husband and I are very musical and whenever we are bored or want to make the girls laugh we bust out our saxophone and trumpet! That's where we met after all..total band geeks, ha!

These artists make their rounds daily in our household:

lila downs
those darlins
best coast
camera obscura

nina simone
lydia mendoza
These are just a few to give you an idea. And the most inspirational..I named my daughters after two of them:) 

 Just wanted to share something that makes me very happy other than crafting.

Try to check out these guys if you haven't already.

Hope you have a wonderful week:o)


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