Feb 13, 2011

Pretty Wipes

Lately my husband has been held hostage at work for 12+ hrs( oh gotta love the air force) everyday which leaves me a tad bored at home:/  I felt I needed to update something to give me an excuse to bust out my hot glue gun! 
My little girls' restroom was lookin a bit drab. So I decided to give her wipes case a fresh look.  Yes my baby is only 4 and still needs help in that department! Her little purple and green case was lookin a lil' sad....

I rummaged through my "I can reuse this someday" pile. Gosh sometimes I feel like a hoarder. Anywhoo and found a plastic container and grabbed some cute tid bits from my craft room.

-i glued the ribbon around the case
-glued on foam letters on top
-made a lace rosette and attached a cute button from this post

And that was it! Yay! new wipes case!

looks super cute in her restroom...

* got the the doilies at Michael's for a buck!

My little girl got so excited over the new wipes case! Oh I love her:)



  1. I seriously LOVE your blog. How do you do all these things!? Love it. I wish I was more crafty like you.

  2. Very cute little project. Looks easy, too! Come link up sometime at I Made It! Monday at Ninth Street Notions.

  3. It's perfect with the doily banner! Gotta love that the little ones are so excited by the simple things!

  4. very cute. definately an improvement.


  5. Great idea. I love how simple and cute it is.

  6. It's the little things like this, that add so much character to a room. You're very artistic.


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