Jun 14, 2011

Light Summer Necklace

I've seen these tshirt necklaces everywhere and was bored one evening
and thought I would pass some time.
I think it was the best 20 minutes of craft/refashioning in awhile.

all you do is cut strips of an old tshirt seam to seam, stretch em' out, and sew two scraps around all strips so they stay together. you can find a tutorial here.

it looks really cute wrapped twice around your neck too!

 now go make one, I want like 5 more in different colors!



  1. Very cute and so easy to do! Oh, and not to forget: thrifty! ;) Love it!

  2. that is super cute!! i have been dying to make one!! i also love your yellow mirror :)

  3. thanks girlies! I painted the mirror yellow. I got it at a thrift store that was originally gold. It makes me smile:)


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