Mar 24, 2011

Ready for Spring

Here in Utah the weather has totally been teasing us. One day it will be 60 degrees then the next day it'll be snowing. With warmer temps creeping up on us I was inspired to make something cheery for my little girl.

I had a pretty tee with a crocheted back that a friend gave me, but I've lost some weight so It was really big. I could have just refashioned it for myself and made it smaller to fit me, but I thought why not make something for my little dolly. I really hated to cut it up since it was a gift, but it was just collecting dust in my closet and I wanted to get use out if. Plus I have a ton of material left out of it to make other things.

the grey tee is from dollar tree

So I cut some crocheted pieces out and placed them on the grey tee, pinned, then zig zag stitched them all over.

To add some extra length and coziness I cut strips off the bottom hem, sewed them right sides together, then sewed them onto the existing sleeves.

And that was it! Super easy craft made under 20 minutes!  She loved strutting around in it! She thought she was such a cool chick:)

I'm so lovin that grey and yellow! I suppose my dining room was the inspiration;)
Now she's ready for spring!



  1. Lovely! I love yellow!

    Love the way she is posing! so adorable!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog.
    $40 + free shipping from o&el to any drawstring backpack and amazing spring accessories for your little girl. All you have to do is leave a comment.

  2. That looks awesome, what a great idea!

  3. I love the color combo. Great repurpose.
    Thanks for linking up at Sister Sunday

  4. So cute! I love how she's modeling it! Stopping by From Sugar Bee Crafts

  5. I love the color combo. Plus, these hotos are too stinkin' cute!!!!
    This refashion reminds me of the one I did this week. If you have time to look here's the link.


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