Jan 19, 2014

Celebrating Lila


Today was filled with silliness, junk food, laughing, and cuddles. We woke up this morning loving on our little one today. Sister made her a homemade birthday card. I took her to eat her favorite breakfast. She got to pick out a favorite toy. I gave her a list of ideas on where she wanted to go and get her wiggles out and she picked chuck e cheese. I think she just loves the motorized ride on games.

We came back home and sang happy birthday over some homemade cupcakes and ice cream. Then ended the night with a balloon dance party and movie.
Its always so hard being away from family on milestones as these and even harder not having her daddy here. She is a winter baby which even limits outdoor activities as well that's why I try my hardest to make birthdays special for her. Even if that means staying up until 2 am making cupcakes because my original birthday cake was squashed when I realized I didn't have any cake pans, but thank goodness I found some cupcake liners in my craft stash. And having my whole house covered in glitter because I wanted to make her a homemade sign. (next time I'm buying glitter scrapbook paper to save the mess)

She has made our life fuller and brighter. I love when she smiles you can see in her eyes that we are all just crazy about her. I truly believe I was put on this earth for these two little girls. Times have been rough lately, but I'm appreciative of days like this to celebrate what a blessing it is to have such a healthy, growing, vibrant little girl in my life.

We love you Lila Antonia and always will! Happy Birthday


  1. you are such a good mom! Finding your cupcake liners sounds like something I would do :) hope she (and you!) had a special day!!

  2. I am in loveeeee with the way you take photos girl! so warm and cozy! i love how you decorated so simple but so exciting and special. amazing mom!

    1. Thank you for the sweet words Alma :) so happy you dropped by!


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