Dec 31, 2013

Getting to the Half Way Mark

As some of you may know my little family is trying to get through our 3rd deployment. I always feel like I go through the same stages. At first I'm pumped up that I can do it. Then after 2 weeks we feel the emptiness. Then comes the busy busy busy activities to distract us, but there is always that space that just cannot be filled. After a few more weeks it feels exhausting to just get over that hump to the half way mark. As if time is just dragging until our reunion and it feels like it is just not getting any closer.
But time is passing! We've made it over the hill! We've made it through 3 major holidays just us 3 and I thought it would be nice to start a countdown for my dolls to understand. I've seen this before, it's nothing fancy. Just a simple paper chain with the remaining days of this deployment. The girls just take turns tearing a chain as each day ends. Pretty easy right?
It all started with some pretty scrapbook paper I picked up in the dollar section at Target.

A rotary cutter and self healing mat really made this fast and easy.
I just took few sheets at a time and tried to get 10 strips out of each print.

Then used a a glue stick to lightly glue the ends together. This is the part that took the longest due to the fact that there are still quite a few days left in our countdown, but the girls helped out with this:)

And done!

I think it helps us all understand the concept of time and it is in fact passing and that we are all so strong getting though this. The girls love it!

So there you have it! We're starting to really countdown.
We can do this!
We miss you.




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