Mar 18, 2013

A Dresser for my Dollies

Oh my goodness..why is it that when life seems like its getting out of control is when I finally do something about it? For 3 years I was able to fit 2 little girls sets of clothes in the closet in neat little stacks on the shelves, but then (on more than 1 occasion) PJs would be under the bed, pants and tees thrown on the floor. There was literally no room for their everyday clothes. I looked at my husband and asked,"Why haven't we bought the dollies' a dresser??! For months and I mean MONTHS I searched online, thrift stores, ads and nothing popped up that was my style or budget like always. Finally one day I found one on  my local online ads for 20 bucks. Now that I look back I really wish I would have paid less, but I was getting desperate for things to get in order.
Here it was before in all its laminate glory...

Yuck right? I wish I would have gotten a better photo, but I was so impatient to start fixing it up. Just imagine dark brown laminate on the front of the drawers too. 

I kept the original handles and just mod podged some left over scraps of a vintage sheet I had. I wish I would have painted the drawers white first because you can see small areas of the dark wood underneath, but you live and learn.

Then just added 3 coats of white paint. I didn't want to spend alot and just bought a sampler container of some Valspar paint plus I get military discount at Lowe's so I think it came out to $2.

The dollies' love it and they now know where to put their clothes away which makes things soooo much easier in the morning! So $22 dollars later we have a new little dresser!
I'm think later I'm going to paint those cute, little tapered legs a hot pink but leave the gold tips. Fun right?

So as long as it has a nice shape not all laminate can be scary;)



  1. The drawer looks amazing! I love the fabric you used...Great job!


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