Jan 23, 2013

crazy for finger knitting

I have always been a bit in love with the art of crocheting and knitting. I love thrifting or seeing all the time, work, and love put into projects like that. It's such a beautiful craft that not many do anymore, but has become a bit more popular. I've tried my hand at both, but sadly could not get it down. I stumbled upon finger knitting on pinterest and after seeing photos of young children getting the hang of it I thought it should be easy enough!
Well it was pretty dang easy after 10 minutes of throwing myself into it and I must admit it is SO ADDICTING! My 6 year even figured it out and made herself a little knitted headwrap and scarf!

I want to share this little craft with you and attempt to make a tutorial to teach you as well. I love the quiet time my daughter and I had together. With us kinda being stuck indoors with all the snow it calms her when she's a little restless.
So here we go..

  • Step1: start by grabbing your yarn over your palm and holding the tail with your thumb

  • Step 2: wrap around pinkie then come back again around your middle finger under ring finger and over pinkie.
  • Step3:  come back around pinkie over ring finger, under middle around index. This is the bottom row.

  • Step 4: to make the second row on top you go under middle,over ring, around pinkie, under ring again, over middle and around index. See now 2 rows!

Step 5: your going to grab the bottom row and stick your ringer through the top row starting from the pinkie.

See now you have one row again so your gonna do Step 4 to make that second row and repeat pulling the bottom row over your finger to make your chains. After about 4 times doing this you should already see a little chain forming.
That's it! I takes approximately the time of a movie to make a big chunky scarf and I love that I don't have to count rows or chains. It's just a nice Sunday afternoon craft to keep little hands busy:)
She loves em!
And so do I!
Add a little brooch? Don't mind if I do!
Or wrap it around your head like my dolly.
Hoped this little tutorial helped and you love it as much as I do!
Thanks for visiting:)



  1. I love finger knitting! I've only done it once, but you're definitely inspiring me to pick it up again. Yours look lovely!

    1. Thanks so much Liz! You should its soo easy and so many possibilities:)

  2. Wow, all the stuff you and your daughter made looks amazing! I think this inspired me to go out and buy a ball of yarn to give it a shot. It looks so complicated but I trust it'll get easier once I get used to it, haha. Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. I thought the same thing but once you get a rhythm of things its sooo easy! Have fun with it!


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