Dec 12, 2012

Holiday Family Photos

My little family and I have never had photos done outside of the studio. I attempted once during the summer by doing it myself, but sadly it was unsuccessful. I'm just not that skilled:(
I love drooling over the natural, candid photos online. I just think they are so much more personal that posing and staring at a camera. I even researched some photographers, but another disappointment was that they were not in my budget. One sleepless night I was browsing the facebook handmade and businesses group page for my military base. And guess what? There were about 10 pro photographers who are military spouses. Not only were they amazing, but they were affordable and local! I fell in love with Lauren Gibbs Photography. She had some skills and she is the most adorable girl ever. She was very professional and made my family feel so comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend her if you are in the northern Salt Lake area. Here are a few photos of my little family:)

daddy wearing estate sale vintage flannel&levis/mommy wearing thrifted mexican dress&target cardigan/big dolly wearing thrifted vintage poncho&old navy jeans/little dolly wearing thrifted peacoat&target jeggings

I just couldn't be happier! These are just a pinch of all the photos she gave me and I just can't decide which to use for our Christmas Cards! Well stayed tuned because I think I may have found a winner:)

Thank you so much Lauren for capturing my family. These pictures will be cherished forever.
I really love supporting local businesses and military wives when I can.

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  1. Gorgeous! I'm so glad you found a photographer to capture these special memories.

  2. What a pretty family! :) Look at that sweet little smile.


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