Dec 17, 2012

Christmas Bordom Buster

Supplies needed:
Popsicle sticks
acrylic paint
2 bored dollies;)
We had a really heavy snow this weekend. It was so cold out all we wanted to do was cuddle and watch movies. Well..only my husband and I wanted to bum around. My two dollies get bored really easily. Arts and crafts are the only things that keep them still and calm. So while making some yummy, warm stew I scattered glue and sticks on the dining table and told them to make me the prettiest snowflakes they could make! I remember seeing these stick snowflakes on the CraftyNest.
Can you tell whose is whose? :o)
After the paint dried I just strung them with string and pinned them to the wall. It was a VERY bare strip of wall and I don't mind displaying their cute wall art. As I was standing on top of the stool hanging these, praying I didn't fall, I had a very strong feeling of gratitude for my children. Children make the holidays glow. Its the little things.
Now go and look in your craft corner for anything to keep your kids entertained while making dinner. Trust me they'll be happy with anything:)
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  1. These are the cutest little snowflake ornaments! I remember making reindeer ornaments out of popsicles when I was little. :)


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