Nov 13, 2012

Tree of Thankfulness

For few years now I've always wanted to do a project that documented what we are thankful for every year.
Now that my oldest is beginning to understand what it is to be thankful I knew it was time.
I've seen numerous ways on the web like a chalkboard list, writing on turkey feathers, but I decided to do a traditional thankful tree.
Just branches, a vase, construction paper, and clothespins.
For the past few weeks when the temperatures were a bit nicer to us I began collecting fallen branches when I would drop off or pick up my daughter from school. I'm sure my neighbors thought I was a coo-coo hoarder...well maybe I am a bit;)
I just knew it would look so pretty and simple.
And it was all free and stuff I had on hand.
The girls had fun cutting and writing down what they were thankful for.

Well I think my little one just had fun getting to cut and scribble.

We have PLENTY to be thankful for.
It's small moments like this that make us appreciate each other more.

And I'm thankful for you taking the time to visit my blog:)


  1. I love how beautiful and intentional this is! I did something similar last year for our family get-together, and I'll do it again this year. I was planning to post about it this week but haven't quite got around to it. Thanks for reminding me! ;)

    1. Thanks for the sweet words:) yes please post i cant wait to see!

  2. What a fantastic idea!! I love it!!

  3. What a beautiful project. Plus it's a great activity for children.

  4. What a wonderful activity for your little ones to express what they are thankful for! Loved all your photos! Beautiful!!

  5. What a wonderful idea.... Ready to share with my family.


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