Nov 17, 2012

my handwriting.

I discovered this really cute link up from Sarah from One Sweet Tuesday over at Something Charming. I thought this was really unique because you get to see other bloggers handwriting. Our handwriting is so intimate and personal and sadly it is diminishing. A few months back I remember seeing on the news that they were trying to get rid of handwriting classes here in Utah due to technology takin over. Very sad, I don't think they won though. I hope! Even if they do I'm going to make sure my dollies have beautiful handwriting;)
So thanks Joelle for the link up! Make sure you head over there.

Write it Down
well here's mine and yes Joelle I added a lil' washi tape ;)



  1. I love your handwriting! That quote is great, too. Too bad I don't have any washi tape. =)

  2. I too wish I had washi tape! :)

    So pretty! :)

  3. Thanks dolls:) got the washi tape at target! $4 for 3 rolls! In the office supply aisle! They come in different colors!


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