Oct 30, 2012


I've been ultra bummed out lately. I won't make this a complainy post, but just simply saying that my husband's schedule lately hasn't been my favorite. He was gone for half a year deployed and as soon as he got back has been put on the worst schedules ever.  We pretty much never see him. So I suppose I've been feeling like that single parent again and its been a little bit tougher now that the holidays are beginning.
With all the news watching lately my heart has been heavy for the east coast, but so glad it is over and they are on the road to recovery. Being at home in my own little bubble here in the mountains  surrounded by beauty and peace I seem to forget the little things I need to be appreciative for and not dwell on things that are not in my control.
Yes my husband is not here to see my daughter come home from school, have dinner with us,  or to kiss them goodnite, but he still manages to keep a smile on his face, staying positive,  and gives me pep talks that this is temporary and will in fact get better.
My children are healthy, we have electricity, a roof over our head, and my husband is on the same side of planet that we are. I'm not going to let my mind run on how I wish things can be better. I'm just going to accept what is at the moment and to continue to be there for my daughters and appreciate the "little things" all around us.
We took an extra long walk today to play with leaves and soak in some sunshine.
Life is beautiful around me and I'm trying so very hard not to forget to keep me going:)


  1. I totally identify, though it seems you've had more experience than I with the going it alone. My hubby was gone all summer and I thought I'd die, but we've never had to deal with long-term separation. There's talk of him going to work overseas next year, though. PS, I am in love with your little blog space here. Maybe soon we can swap ads? I'm not quite ready for sponsorships in my world, but hoping to do that soon.

    1. Hi Sarah! Being away from my husband is probably the hardest things in the world I've had to face, but it has made me such an incredibly independent woman. I learned alot about myself and life with it all:) I hope we can swap ads soon! I can't wait to check out your blog! If you ever need someone to talk to I'm here girl:) thanks for visiting!


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