Jul 26, 2012

DIY Scalloped Curtains

While surfing around on pinterest I saw these super cute curtains from Better Homes & Gardens:

They were simple and yet quirky with that little, yellow trim. They inspired me to make my own. I wanted something temporary and not alot of fuss since we are only going to be in our base housing for another 9 months.

I picked up some vintage flour sack towels(still in 70s original packaging!) They were nice and big with like 4 in a pack and I thought they were perfect for this project:)

I decided to measure across 5.6 inches across and 4 inches above to give me a better idea how big I wanted my scallops.

I picked up some paint in "Yellow Gold" for a buck at Michael's.

Then got to work..

I'm cheap and just hung them with push pins. It definitely made our little nook of an entry way brighter:)

Total cost for 2 curtains: $1.25 whoohoo!

sheesh I'm such a sucker for yellow..ha!

thanks for droppin by..


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