Jun 4, 2012

Fresh New Pantry

I've been meaning to post this for awhile now, but just haven't had the time to photograph it all. When my husband was still deployed once again I distracted myself with a little home project. I've been overloaded with pantry inspiration all over the web and thought it was time to do a little organizing myself. Being frugal and working around the fact that we are renting is always an issue when I attack any home project. I didn't have a before picture since we just moved into new base house with a clean slate.

I even added some organization and saved some space with my broom, mop, and grocery bags by hanging them inside the door. They are hung by Command hooks for easy removal when we move.

Something I must share is this personalized family shopping list and organizer I purchase here from IHeartOrganizing. Only $3 and I can print as many as I need. It saves me so much time at the grocery store and since it's right in the pantry I always jot down what we are low on.

Here's a breakdown of where I bought everything:

Yep due to my budget everything was either a $1-$3, but I had everything on hand already. Just a bit more organized now:)

If you're wondering about those labels I purchased them from Martha Stewart's line at Staples. I was going crazy over her chalkboard labels and they were crazy cheap for being so cuuute!

Last, but not least to give it that extra pop I added some cute wrapping paper that I picked up at Target to line the walls. I applied it with tape and push pins once again for easy removal when we move.

And that's it! If I had to estimate how much this total project cost I would say around $15. It sure makes me happy and makes life a bit easier knowing where everything is at!

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  1. Thank you so much for the sweet shout out! So happy to know you are enjoying your shopping checklist! <3



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