Mar 8, 2012

A Happy Distraction

Man oh man I've been gone a looong time. I suppose going back home does that to you. The fact that I've been going through a really long deployment has fizzled any desire to be creative and attempt a project. One more month left..whoo hoo!
Moving back on base into a new home has sparked my creative bug to get this house back into happy mode. So here's to my first craft and new beginnings!

What would we do without Pinterest? Yes, like many of you out there I have become a complete addict! I came upon this adorable chalkboard wreath from Destination:Craft. I think hers is way more adorable with yellow and turquoise, but I've always been a classic mustard and grey kinda gal.

  • yarn
  • foam wreath form
  • felt
  • hot glue
  • Popsicle sticks
  • chalkboard paint
  • piece of cardboard
and for my own take on it I added some vintage buttons from this post

This was super easy and it really makes me smile when I come home. I just love that you can switch up the sayings on the diy chalkboard.

Ahh feels so much better to get into the routine of things!
I never want to relive another deployment ever again...



  1. GREAT photos! I'm new here... love the feel of your site so far! I'm off to check out some more posts. Thought I'd say hi rather than lurk around. :) Have a great week, sugar! xo


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