Jan 8, 2011

Super Cute Curlies

When school came around for my oldest one of my favorite things to do is doing her hair. Whether it may be braids, pigtails, pony tails, or letting is curl naturally with all the clippies and hair wraps I make for her.

One day I was watching Little Women and I love when Kirsten Dunst has her hair rolled in those cute fabric scraps.
So I went online lookin for some ideas to get me going to make myself and my little one some cute fabric rollers and found a super easy tutorial here.

They were alot of fun to make and they look cute in my bathroom displayed thanks to a tip from my bestie Stina.

Aren't they cute, little, chubby things?



  1. oooh, I Love little women. i got the name for my little man from Louisa's May Alcott's family members even. so fun! :)

  2. I have some very fond memories of my mothers pink curlers! I used to have her put them in my hair as often as I could. These fabric ones are so cute. Too bad my hair is super, super short. I may try these & give them to my mother to display too!

    popping by from Vintage Wanna Bee


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