Jan 6, 2011

Framed Necklace Display

Man where have I been, I know, keeping up with the kiddos I suppose.  Now that the new year has began I'm really trying to organize the house and start  f r e s h.  I decided to start with a little craft to get my necklaces in order. They were scattered around getting all tarnished and yucky. So I made this baby!

It was super easy and under 2$ to make.

-frame 1$ from the dollar store and white craft paint I already had
-pretty scrapbook paper about 50cents
-wooden dowel like 12 cents
and hooks and mod podge I already had

All I did was paint the frame white, it only took one coat since the framed was raw and sanded already. Removed the glass pane. Mod Podged the paper to the wooden backing. Screwed in the hooks. And lastly attached the wooden dowel with the necklaces. Maybe another afternoon i'll spray paint the dowel white as well, but I'm so impatient and wanted to hang it up already.Took about 30 min with paint drying time while baby sister took her morning nap:)

I just love how my necklaces are displayed...

It Pays To Be Cheap


  1. Beautiful and such an inexpensive project. I love it!


  2. My ribbon picture board (all the rage a few years ago) is about to be recycled into a necklace hanger!! I think I might use an actual tree limb/branch for the dowel.

  3. Alright! a tree branch sounds super chic, oooh spray painted white would look cute too!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. I was looking for something to display rosaries, and this (with a few modifications) was just the thing. My finished project is here http://pinterest.com/pin/228065168599592958/ thanks again!


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