Sep 29, 2010


I am probably the most impatient person in the world for Halloween. Can't help but decorate like 2 weeks before October! MMm Hmm...I said it! I don't care if the neighbors give me dirty looks, I love coming to my spooky house with all my decorated crafts. 

Well this year the hubby and I were at Target scoping all the freshly stocked Halloween items and I came across this...
I thought it was super cute so I discreetly peeked at the price tag....30$. Um... too much for my pocket especially since I wanted 2. So then I thought, hm......I can make that! So then I was off on a mission to my local Dollar Tree.
 I was able to find 2 pots from summer garden supplies, 2 foam flower arranging squares, a bushel of orange sticks in the flower aisle, and a bag of moss.  I also snagged some black spray paint for a buck at Walmart and I already had orange string of lights from last Halloween.

So I just hot glued the squares to the center of the pots ,attached sticks(and later some twisted branches from my  backyard for added flare) to foam squares then spray painted the whole thing. Easy peasy!

 I added a little spray glitter since I'm never pleased and gotta keep adding more, but this is totally optional. Then added the lights. Just waiting for Oct. 1st to plug those babies in! <3 it!



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