Apr 3, 2013

Upcycled Kids Poncho

We've been getting some warm days around these parts. Around low 60s for the high..pretty dang nice. Man, but once that sun starts to set or clouds cover the sun for just a bit you can feel that chilly, mountain breeze. Its so tricky because I want to take out the dollies' summer clothes, but you know right around the corner it's probably going to snow! Crazy Utah weather :(

Anywhoo.. I was organizing my garage on one of those nice, sunny afternoons and found a hoodie I was going to donate and decided to upcycle it into something I've been wanting to try. It's nice and cozy and smooth on the inside, but was just a bit to short my my liking.  Deconstructing it a bit and adding a little bit here and there it turned into this!

Cute huh? She looks so cozy in it:) Its perfect for those cool evenings and was oh so easy to make!
Here's how I did it:
I started with a plain adult hoodie. Size small used here which made a size 2T/3T poncho.
Next I cut off the arms, pulled out the drawstring of the hood and, cut off the bottom about 3 inches to make it shorter. Didn't hem it because the fleece doesn't fray.
Didn't take pictures of these steps.
  • I seam ripped the kangaroo pocket the positioned it higher so her little hands could fit in it.
  • Sewed up the sides from where I cut the arms off then made slits on the sides where her arms would go.
  • Used embroidery thread to blanket stitch the edges of the slits to make it look more finished.
  • Turned hoodie part inside out then sewed it smaller to fit her head and used the original hem as a guide.
  • Cut a slit does the neck and blanket stitched with embroidery thread for extra detail. Then added a little more design to the pouch by embroidering more around the edges, but used white thread to stand out.
  • Still felt like it needed a little more oomph so I added lining to the hood with some vintage, floral fabric.
And that was it! New poncho!
Aww look at that grumpy little face. She was upset because I wouldn't let her climb on those rocks..crazy girl! She still looks super cute though ;o)
I love that fabric and I'm sad I'm running out boo! But at least its getting some use out of it.
I love how easily she can just throw it on now I need to make one for big dolly, but I'm probably going to need to buy a large adult hoodie. I can just see them wearing them on a cool night by a campfire:) Man now I want one too! hehe
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  1. Such a cute little model!!!! if only I had a little girl, but you are so talented Georgette!!!!

  2. so cute! just pinned :) will have to make this for my little girl...or me!

  3. this is so so darling! how creative!

    lindsey louise



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