Feb 17, 2011

My Beauty Station

During our many many moves I managed to somehow misplace or lose my vanity I had as a teen.  I'm sad, but looking back on it, it was kinda small and not practical for all my goodies. I searched and searched online and at thrift stores, but never found anything cute or in my budget.  Finally I was on my local classified ads online and found this homeschooling desk. I loved the quirky little attached ledge.
It was cheap, made of real wood and I thought hmm..."I could make somethin outta this!"  Of course I gotta another eye roll from the hubby, but whatevs I got my way and brought it on home..hehe.

So of course after cleaning, priming, painting, and sticking on some vinyl stickers from dollar tree.this was the end product....

I love long pencil notch for make up brushes or so my glosses and lipsticks wont roll off!
Now I have a nice big table for storing all my beauty treasures. Not spending alot on used furniture kinda takes the edge off when I'm painting. I don't worry so much if it turns out bad. Luckily I am in love:)


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  1. I love the transformation! Such a great idea. I can't believe those stickers are from the dollar store!!
    On another note I gave you an award!!

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  3. this is brilliant. like stephen hawking brilliant. this is inspiring me to make something like this for myself. i need all the organization help i can get.


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