Feb 14, 2011

Frumpy to Frilly

Lately my closet has been a bit sad. Due to the lack of funds and some of my clothes are too big from loosing some weight.  On occasion when big sister is at school, little sister and I go to the airman's attic here on base.  Its a tiny little place where you can get home goods, clothes, toys for military families and everything is free! You can only fill 3 bags of stuff and only go twice a month.  Some days I find  things and some days I don't, its the luck of the draw I suppose.
One day I came home with curtains, books for my little girl, and 2 basic tees. This was one of them....

It was a size too big, but still in good shape. So I busted out my sewing machine and got to work...

And voila!

now its soft and feminine..

~ Georgette


  1. Hello! I came across your blog from your feature on Sew Can Do, which i found on MakeBabyStuff.com. I love what you did with the stroller! Its amazing! Love your blog!

  2. Awesome refashion! And FREE?!?!
    Please link this up today!

  3. Gotta love free! You did an awesome job on it.

  4. Wow! Really great job! It's hard for me to see potential in items especially in that mis-mosh type environment, but free would be great motivation! Well done!


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